Kitten nutrition

A growing kitten must have a diet that suits their mental and physical health needs.

In clinic, we feed a few select diets and encourage you to follow these same brands! Kittens do best with both a dry diet (for dental health) and a wet diet (for added calories and water intake), and will stay on this diet until the time of their surgery for spay/neutering.

Hills Healthy Advantage Kitten

Royal Canin Kitten Development

Purina Essential Care Kitten

Healthy Cat Nutrition

Healthy cats require specific calories based on cat size, and we recommend feeding in set meal times.

Obesity is a growing concern with cats in North America, as this comes with many other health issues. When your cat comes in for an exam, we rate them on their body condition as well as muscle condition. If your cat is overweight, we may measure them and provide you with a proper caloric intake goal.

Specialized Diets

Often we recommend a special diet to go along with your cats diagnosis. These diets are sold through our clinic, other veterinary clinics, or on our vet store.

They are not sold at pet stores or grocery stores, as they specifically relate to meeting the needs of different illnesses.

Our Vet Store

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