We have been dealing with kittens for what seems like a hundred years, having thousands pounce through the doors of Pacific Cat Clinic.

With our Kitten Adoption Program, we have kittens come in for their whisker to tail health exams, and attempt to get their owners on the right track in terms of nail trimming, teeth brushing, and desensitization.

Do you have questions regarding your kitten? We also run a Kittengarten program! Hop on over to our Facebook or Instagram to find out more information.


Cats are technically “adult” at 8 months to a year. We recommend annual physical and dental examinations in clinic, as well as keeping up to date on vaccinations. Blood testing and urine testing are often recommended prior to surgeries to ensure that everything is working inside.


Senior cats hold a special place in our hearts, and require extra special care and handling. While cats can technically be “seniors” at 10 years of age, most do not display signs of aging externally until 14 years. Seniors can have a variety of health problems, and we recommend having semi-annual exams with blood testing and urine testing to make sure everything is working inside!