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Bloodwork Services for Cats

For your feline friends, getting their blood drawn and analysed is a routine part of a complete healthcare regimen. There are certain aspects of their wellbeing that can only be identified by analysing samples of their blood. Call us at 250.475.2287 to learn more about our bloodwork services for cats.

When would my cat need to have their blood drawn?

We typically perform bloodwork during a routine, annual examination. Bloodwork is just one type of diagnostic testing we conduct. Other types include urine/fecal sampling, X-rays and ultrasounds. Blood testing is also usually required before your pet undergoes a surgical procedure, so we can see if they are a good candidate for anesthesia and the amount of anesthesia that they would require. Lastly, if the veterinarian is in the process of diagnosing your pet, they may request bloodwork done for further analysis and to confirm their findings.

Is bloodwork painful for cats?

There is very little pain or discomfort involved. Patients will feel like they are getting any other injection. The process is over within a matter of seconds, as we only need a small sample of blood.

How soon can I get the results of my cat’s bloodwork?

Thanks to our in-house lab, we can generate results in a matter of minutes. You can go home with the results along with an explanation of what they mean for your pet. We work with an outside lab for more complicated cases that need specialized analysis, but the vast majority of our blood testing is done in house.