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Endoscopy Services for Cats

Here at Pacific Cat Clinic, we are at the forefront of the latest veterinary technology and techniques because our patients deserve nothing but the best. Dr. Eugene Gordetsky, our in-house scope specialist, provides our endoscopy services. Endoscopies are one of the advanced services we perform in-house. It involves inserting a long and thin camera into the patient’s body to get an accurate visual of their internal structures. Give us a call at 250.475.2287 for more details on our endoscopy services.

Why would a cat need an endoscopy?

One of the main reasons why vets perform endoscopies is for diagnosis. Endoscopies allow them to closely examine your cat’s throat, abdomen and other internal organs. Patients with unexplained symptoms may be subject to an endoscopy. During certain types of surgeries, a vet may also use an endoscopic device to assist with their incisions, removals and examinations.

What symptoms in cats may require an endoscopy?

If all other diseases have been ruled out the vet may conduct an endoscopy for cats displaying bowel habit changes, growths in the colon, stomach pain and intestinal bleeding.

Is an endoscopy painful for cats?

Not at all. Your pet will be placed under general anesthesia to prevent them from feeling any pain and stress.